Barker Camden - Camden - Tan Hi Shine/Grain Loafer^

by: Barker Shoes

The Camden dress loafer is a classic and sophisticated addition to any wardrobe. Designed in England and made in Portugal, this loafer features a Blake stitched leather sole with rubber forepart, providing durability and flexibility for all-day comfort.
The history of the dress loafer can be traced back to the mid-1930s, when the Norwegian Aurland shoe was introduced in the United States. This shoe, made from a single piece of leather with a moccasin construction and a distinctive strip of leather across the saddle, became popular for its comfort and casual yet refined look.
In the 1950s and 60s, the loafer became more refined and adopted by businessmen and politicians, cementing its place as a staple in men's dress shoes. Today, the dress loafer remains a timeless classic, with its slip-on design and sleek profile making it a popular choice for formal occasions and professional settings.

The leather lining and comfort leather insole with sorbothane padding ensure a comfortable fit, making it perfect for long days at the office or special occasions. With its sleek and understated design, the Camden dress loafer is a versatile choice for any formal or semi-formal outfit.


  • Premium craftsmanship since 1880
  • Designed in England, Made in Portugal
  • Blake stitched leather sole with rubber forepart
  • Leather Lining
  • Comfort leather insole with sorbothane padding.
  • Hand-stitched detailing
  • Product Number: 480827
  • Last Shape: 463
  • Fitting Type: G
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