Gabicci M13 Sky Pattern V Neck.

by: Gabicci

Colin White Menswear is now one of the largest suppliers of Gabicci Knitwear and Tee shirts in Scotland.

Sky pattern V neck with a contrasting blue design is just one of the many choices of quality knitwear available in store and online. This Quality V Neck comes with a nice soft toning and can be worn with  various T Shirts. We would be happy to suggest a few options for you from our wide selection of Gabicci Tee Shirts. We have a wider than ever selection of quality V Necks. Made from 50% Wool and 50% Acrylic giving a hard wearing, machine washable, durable garment.

Why not pair this v neck up with one of our many matching t shirts available here.

Buy any two Gabicci V Necks and save £10.00   use code "Gabicci Knitwear Offer"

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